A large part of our business rests in helping commercial tenants with lease renewals. Due to market conditions and moving costs, more often than not a commercial tenant will opt to renew in their current space rather than relocate to a new location. It is not uncommon for tenants to over value their relationship with their current landlord, as they are often friendly and approachable throughout the lease term. It would be a mistake to assume that a landlord will do a tenant a favour and offer them a great rate off the bat; after all it is their business to make money off of their tenants. At the end of the day the landlord will always have their best interest at heart. At Titan York, our service during a lease renewal is based on “leveling the playing field” and ensuring that the tenant is informed about other opportunities allowing the tenant to bench mark the deal the landlord is willing to offer on a renewal. Equally importantly, engaging in representation shows a landlord that the tenant is not a “captive tenant” and they will have to fight to retain their tenancy, after all who would want to lose a good tenant to a competitor.

Click here to download a report summarizing the benefits of obtaining representation during a renewal.

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