Phase 1: Needs Assessment

Through an upfront Needs Analysis, Titan York takes the time to identify the specific needs, requirements, challenges, and opportunities of your organization. By asking the right questions and evaluating your future requirements and current lease obligations Titan York can provide real estate solutions that meet your strategy.

Titan York amalgamates the needs analysis in a business plan, that can be communicated to all stakeholder, of a go-forward-strategy that meets the objectives of the organization.

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Phase 2: Identify Solutions

Titan York will deliver a market survey of the most strategic space solutions based on the needs identified in Phase 1. Titan York’s in depth analysis of rental cost, past landlord experiences and facilitation of space plans and construction cost estimates, will assist in providing you the client to choose the right space based on your needs.

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Phase 3: Negotiation

At Titan York, “leverage” means that you never negotiate in isolation and a landlord never perceives you as a “captive tenant”. Our experience and knowledge of the market, the landlords, and our understanding of our client’s needs, creates an environment where landlords will compete for your tenancy.

Using our experience in negotiation and our pre-existing relationships with landlords, we will work to negotiate favourable lease terms that meet our clients’ needs maximize your interest, while minimizing your financial exposure. At each stage of negotiation the tenant is kept informed of every detail.

Every client is different and every offer has to reflect it. The negotiated deal has to tell the story of your company so that it does not just work for you on the first day but for the length of the lease term.

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Phase 4: Project Management

Once an agreement is reached issues such as lease review, space planning, tendering trades, construction, insurance, and financing are essential to closing the deal. Titan York will then work with the client to help them connect to the right people to get into their new space on time and budget. Our goal is to provide one point accountability.

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