An office is much more than a place to come in and work. It is the space that defines a business, serving as a home away from home and the ultimate reflection of your brand. Aside from employee wages, an office lease is the highest cost a business has. This means that finding the right office space is of the upmost importance. Here at Titan York we realize that, though the process may not be complicated, there are many things to consider; such as having an efficient layout, proximity to suppliers, customers, and employee residences, nearby amenities, public image, it infrastructure, convenient transportation options, and parking.

Our primary focus at Titan York is representing the needs of corporate office users. Our local market expertise and established relationships with the city’s landlords have helped  us to create a four phase process that allows us to identify the true needs of our clients. Thus, ultimately ensuring that the real estate dollars are being fully maximised. We streamline the decision making process, keeping our clients informed about the market and all their options, saving them time to do what they do best… running their company!

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